Lion Fight Muay Thai Promotions

Commissioned UX/UI and Promotional graphic work  

Lion Fight, being the most active promoter of Muay Thai events and the largest standup combat sports organization in North America, was looking to elevate their banners, billboards, and promotional flyers, as well as revamp the UI/UX  home and e-commerce site.  Being that Lion Fight’s full rules Muay Thai events are televised live nationally to over 42 million homes as part of AXS TV’s long-running Friday Night Fights series, the company wanted their growth and dominance over the sport to be reflected visually as well as entice a new market of future Muay Thai fans. 

In celebration of their 50th event, I was asked to create a billboard and matching press pieces that showcased the Los Angeles Coliseum, their sponsors, as well as their iconic mascot, the lion. 

Other than designing their new website and e-commerce store, I also created fighter vs. fighter posters, used by Lion Fight, the featuring casinos, and the fighters to promote upcoming events. 

LION FIGHT 50 - 810 X 810.png
lion fight 51  800x800.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 12.10.44
lionfight 51 fighter vs fighter poster h

One of the challenges and best practices I faced when creating the fighter vs. fighter posters and the LA Coliseum billboard, was editing and color correcting the fighter's images. Many of the participants didn't have or didn't provide professional photographs of themselves, so having to not only edit a pixilated cellphone photo but match it to their opponent's photograph, as well as continue the color and tone narrative was a great opportunity to perfect my photoshop skills.  

Below are a few examples of the image correcting I performed durring this project.

lion fight 50 guillen vs. tramell.jpg
lion fight 50 Del Rosario vs. Aragon.jpg
lion fight 50 MATCHUPS.jpg
LIONFIGHT PAGE1 version 2.jpg
LIONFIGHT store.jpg