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Chunky Bites

Concept / Product Design for Client

In hopes to create a new trendy dessert option due to the surge of fusion pastries and their cult following ( #brookie (87 k IG) and the #cronut (216K IG)), my client asked me to research and produce a product which had an elevated spin to a traditional dessert that also sparked an interest with Millenials and Generation Z consumers due to their need for an aesthetically unique and instagramable experience.   
The main challenges I needed to address were what multiple desserts and flavors worked well with one another, how to make the item compact, and how to combine the desserts so they were visually interesting to multiple demographics so they would be enticed to socially share images and experiences.         
After much research, and interviewing numerous individuals in the Millenial and Gen Z age groups I created a persona to represent a cluster of users who exhibited similar behavioral patterns in their purchasing decisions and preferences. This research caused me to choose the Ice Cream Sandwich, a New York summer ice cream truck favorite.
The Chunky bites sandwich features a scoop of ice cream and a slice of cake smooshed between two different gooey house-baked cookies, all rolled in icing and a topping, such as sprinkles.  
*The Logo and the initial four flavors are presented. 

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