Biggie Buddha

Contracted Piece For Red Bull X Phrased Differently 

Red Bull commissioned a few artists including myself and musicians to develop a top music publishing company in East London, Phrased Differently, into a creative den full of music-inspired art. There was no intention to exhibit the work, instead, leave it as a permanent part of the wall space to be discovered by any visitors to the studios, such as label execs, recording artists, songwriters or A&R managers to name a few... allowing Red Bull to place the talent of myself and other chosen artists into influential hands. The project proved that musicians and artists vibe off each other and the two work very closely together especially in a creative process. 

I chose to use stencil graffiti to create the mural of the late great rapper, Biggie Smalls.

I depicted him as a god-like figure, using the body of Buddha. I chose to show the relation to music and art by capturing Biggie this way, due to the fact that I'm from NY and was heavily influenced by his music throughout my life, many times listening to his classics as I created.