Karee Luna

Graphics Designer and Product Consultant in New York City

My experiences have led me to work in the field as a graphics designer and editor for consultancy and design firms, working on many diverse projects with a variety of clients.

I am an independent self-starter, who has over the years, in a small yet fast-paced environment, mastered the ability to multi-task, not only my 9-5 but freelance opportunities.


With my history in graphics, illustration, product design, and UX/UI, I have created a range of deliverables, showcasing design fundamentals as well as the ability to experiment in order to create visuals that inspire memorable relationships between brands and their clients. 


With my desire to continue learning, after attending the University Of the Arts London, I went back to school and studied UX/UI design and front-end development at New York Code & Design Academy.  This allowed me to execute ideas and designs, using multiple forms of language, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and CSS.


I am seeking a position as a graphics designer.  An added bonus would be the opportunity to participate in the UX/UI process as well.

karee luna